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One of the great things about today's world is the amount of information available to those that seek it. Apart from the web development courses, I've taken MySQL for Data Analytics and completed the Data Analytics Certification developed by Google. I'm currently learning Typescript.

Who I am

Developer | Data Enthusiast

Hi! I'm Nick. I'm a passionate homebody that likes to build things with code. A few years ago, I had a goal: to find something I wholly loved, and make it my career. After trying numerous endevours, that search eventually let me to programming.

My first encounter was with Python: Automate the Boring Stuff. After experimenting with Python for a bit, I was hooked, but unsure of a direction. I knew I liked manipulating data though, so I delved into the Data Analytics course developed by Google (mostly because my Magic: The Gathering excel sheets were getting out of hand), but to also get some structured learning.

After completing the course, I started to build a portfolio site, thinking I was going pursue a career in Data Analytics. However, the cookie-cutter, drag-and-drop site builders I came across weren't suiting my needs. I wanted something more.

I started looking into how I could build my own websites, and immediately fell in love with being able to see visual differences when I made changes to my code. I saw that I could mix this visual display with databases, and I knew I truly reached my goal.

Since then, I've been completely devoted to advancing my Web Development knowledge. As of now, I'm seeking a full-time role where I can help a company reach their own goals.

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